SCI FRI talks shopping & climate change today on NPR


Nerd alert.

It’s true though. When I’m hitting the road in search of the next great deal, I likes my audio companionship. I’ll hit some of my usual podcasts, plus NPR, plus Kendrick and Cardi and James Blake (staples), plus Tribe Called Quest as of this morning when I needed to hear ‘Scenario,’ and of course LIZZOOOOOOOO (“Truth Hurts”!) have been on heavy repeat in my new/old convertible in recent weeks.

Today, however, Ira Flato on SCIENCE FRIDAY is talking sustainable fashion trends in light of today’s nationwide protest for climate change. Did you know that the fashion industry is responsible for producing 8% of our country’s total carbon emissions?

Eight percent! Just for clothes (let alone all the other manufacturing industries that YES LIONESS touches!)!

AND, according to expert Maxine B├ędat of the New Standard Institute, “[the carbon footprint] is just projected to increase…[W]e are buying clothes faster than we ever have before and getting rid of them just as fast.” So I’m not just making it up: All these ugly (or pretty!) clothes and other items deserve to be repurposed, or reused, or recycled.

Did you know that routinely shopping with YES LIONESS or frequenting thrift and resale marketplaces on your own has a direct impact on the environment?

Listen to the VERY interesting interview here:

Or read about it here.

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